A Tribute to Our Voices

I was looking for a way to pay tribute to an amazing group of people I met in 2015 through GreenFaith, bringing the voices of the faith communities to the UN's climate talks. They were so gifted, and what's more--it seemed like together, we were really having an impact. During weekly global Skype calls, the Rev. Fletcher Harper, our executive director, would  award a (virtual) cape to the person who had done the most super-heroic work that week. It was amazing how naturally the award would rotate among the staff. Everyone won it at least once, but it never seemed forced--folks really earned it. I started to conceive a work of art that would capture the moment--a portrait combining real images from our June march at the Vatican into one image capturing what it meant to be part of a real superhero group. Following artist extraordinaire Kevin Pyle's (see comics page) eminently trustworthy instincts, a group portrait emerged--no capes, few costumes, and only Yeb's "utility belt" walking stick and Curtiss' magic doves as props. Thank you Our Voices!

--Jeffry Odell Korgen